The services


"The grain of sand in the oyster... a tiny irritation has phenomenal consequences". This is how Sebastian Warnemünde, Managing Director of f30, sees the ideal of political work.

It is a matter of understanding and analyzing, then developing communication.

friedrich30 represents the political interests of its clients, especially with regards to laws and regulations at the federal and state levels and in the European Union. Lobbying is the company's first pillar.

The members of our team bring with them a profound network in socio-political and economic structures. It is imperative to convince and procure a majority. We develop the right strategies and implement them.


The second pillar of friedrich30 is business development. friedrich30 helps to enable new business fields and creates access to national and international markets. The focus is on the public sector.

To this end, we have firm relationships with political leaders in the federal and state governments, as well as with national and international companies and organizations.

friedrich30 develops the sales strategy, opens doors, and accompanies the entire sales/procurement process.


The third pillar is the protection from economic crime. friedrich30 is your strategic and operational security partner at home and abroad. Our experts develop customized security and prevention concepts.

As an operational security partner, we help globally, around the clock, with any issues. friedrich30 obtains information worldwide, using the latest technology and experts for forensics and the preservation of evidence, such as procurement of court-usable information for legal disputes and the support of lawyers.

Our network has access to reliable sources and experts worldwide.