The network

friedrich30 is the core of a network of politics and business. Clients benefit from the many trusting relationships that have been established over decades. The good relations enable fast and discreet work.

The ambition is that specialists are used for the tasks. The work is targeted, and this requires a high level of expertise.

The friedrich30 network also represents interests abroad, where contacts and trust have been built up through the many years of activity of our team members. This applies to governments and ministries, security authorities as well as companies in different countries.

friedrich30 has the right experts in its network for every possible task.

Sebastian Warnemünde Fritz Rudolf Körper Gerhard Schindler Günter Heiß Dr. Barbara Held Christoph Matschie Friedhelm Theis Hans-Lothar Domröse Dirk Fleischer Julia Weltmann Alexander Schulz Kristin Karnbach Julian Djabarian Lena Woywod-Plocher Daniel Weitemeyer