About us

friedrich30 * represents the political, economic and security interests of companies.

friedrich30 was founded in 2009. In the first years the firm represented the political interests of its clients, especially with regards to laws and regulations. Political lobbying is the first pillar of the company.

Since 2013, friedrich30 developed a special expertise in the field of internal security. The network of former Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Fritz Rudolf Körper, formed the basis for good access to the executive and legislative branches at the federal and state levels.

Subsequently, established and new clients sought support in business development and sales. Sales support became a permanent second pillar.

friedrich30 develops sales strategies, opens doors and accompanies the entire sales/procurement process.

Another milestone was the arrival of Gerhard Schindler, former President of the German Federal Intelligence Service. He adds to the network in the area of services and thus further strengthens our contacts abroad.

The defining feature today is the extensive network in the field of internal security and the high level of trust that friedrich30 enjoys at all levels.

As a result, the team was confronted with highly sensitive corporate security issues. Experts with special know-how are required to solve them discreetly. Team members of friedrich30 know these specialists. For this work, friedrich30 also uses its good contacts in many countries.

What began as a result of suggestions from existing customers is now friedrich30's firm third pillar: The protection from economic crime.

With the opening of a representative office in Brussels in 2018, the company firmly established its activities at the European level.