friedrich30 is a network weaver.
Politically – strategically – economically

The firm

friedrich30 serves as the core of a political and economic network. The non-partisan company brings people from the federal and state levels, various parliaments, authorities and companies who have different political priorities together, both nationally and internationally. What distinguishes the company that has offices in Berlin and Mainz is its entrepreneurial perspective.

friedrich30 emerged from Warnemünde Consulting GmbH. What is the meaning of the name? Everybody knows Friedrichstraße in Berlin. It is located right in the middle of the capital city’s state institutions – a center for the political work of friedrich30. The firm was founded at Friedrichsstraße 30 in Mainz. It therefore made good sense to choose this name as a unifying element. friedrich30 is a company founded by Fritz Rudolf Körper and Sebastian Warnemünde.


  • BND: Farewell for President Schindler

    June 2016

    Outgoing BND President Mr. Schindler used the occasion of the intelligence agency summer party to bid farewell to his companions. In his speech, he addressed guests from politics, the authorities, the military and intelligence agencies, describing the development of the German Intelligence Agency during his term. His members of staff emphasized the very personal cooperation in the office and the good relationship with the outgoing president. friedrich30 is regularly in touch with the German Intelligence Agency regarding various projects.

    BND: Farewell for President Schindler

    Gerhard Schindler (M.) and his wife welcome Sebastian Warnemünde.
    Foto: BND

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  • Gambling Regulations

    March 2016

    The Interior Minister of Hesse, Peter Beuth, presents his draft of a new Gambling State Treaty. This is on the agenda of the Prime Ministers' Conference. friedrich30 has a high level of specialist expertise and more than four years of experience in the field of regulation of the gaming sector.

    Gambling Regulations

    Peter Beuth (r.) in consultation with Fritz Rudolf Körper.
    Foto: Behördenspiegel

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  • New Head of Office in Berlin

    January 2016

    Alexander Schulz (40) has taken over management of the Berlin office. Most recently, he headed the Berlin representation of an agricultural association. Schulz is well connected and extends the company’s range of topics and contacts.

    “Decisions are the result of weighing the interests and positions of various parties. Confidence is the basis of politics. Confidence arises from an attitude characterized by reliability, decency and the courage to think differently.”

    After graduating with master’s degrees in history, law and political science at Philipps-Universität in Marburg and administrative sciences at the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer, he worked in different areas and on different topics: for the highest competent regional authorities (State Chancellery, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture), PR firms, as a research spokesman for a parliamentary group and as a research assistant for a politician. He also established the Berlin headquarters of an association in the agricultural sector and managed it for several years before joining friedrich30.

    He has found his political home in the CDU local federation Schönhauser Allee in Prenzlauer Berg. According to his motto “plus ultra,” he takes great interest in good books, fine wines and bicycle racing – preferably around Lüdenscheid in the green hills of his homeland Sauerland.

    New Head of Office in Berlin

    Foto: Catrin Schmitt

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Our Services


friedrich30 supports companies that face special challenges due to changes in general conditions and recent developments. Does politics, for example, change something to the detriment of the company? Is the company interested in influencing certain negative developments? Or does the company want to play an active role in developing how the market is designed by submitting legal proposals? Entrepreneurs are dependent on having good contacts – whether in business or in politics. friedrich30 also accompanies bids for tender, establishes connections and structures advisory councils so that they have an impact.

Examples from the range of our activities: A federal agency wants to award a contract on developing and procuring a new software solution. Before it does so, information has to be exchanged. friedrich30 formulates the communication strategy and supports the bid phase both strategically and operationally.

A client in the security industry wants to have more qualification and certification features in order to be able to place itself as an even more reliable building block in the field of security. To do so, content-related positioning and the appropriate implementation strategy need to be developed first. Ultimately, solution proposals that are capable of gaining a majority must be presented. friedrich30 implements the strategy, makes appointments and conducts negotiations.

Another example: Our client’s business model is being threatened by illegal suppliers. Instruments need to be developed in order to strengthen the enforcement of existing laws. More attention needs to be attracted at the political level. friedrich30 develops substantive positions and the necessary strategies and implements them in a goal-oriented manner by making appointments and following

Business Develop­ment_

friedrich30 helps clients who lack contacts, establishes access and complements the strategy in expanding sales. Here, we rely on our large national and international network and broad experience. friedrich30 accompanies the business plan of companies that have developed new products or are seeking to develop a new market. These customers need to be able to make appointments with decision makers.

One client, for example, developed a new tool for emergency communications. friedrich30 is helping to market this through targeted appointments in the public sector and even with corporations. What distinguishes friedrich30 in doing so is the co- and further development of this tool. Initial meetings at the technical level were arranged with target customers already during the beta phase to ensure that what was learned here flows directly into the development work.

friedrich30 helped another customer by establishing and intensifying contacts in the target countries of Asia and Africa. Furthermore, the customer wants to be seen as both a product supplier and a developer.

Another example: A client in the security industry offers products and solutions for the physical protection of critical infrastructure. Here, attention had to be raised on this topic and service to encourage higher investments in this area. friedrich30 formulates the strategy, identifies the parties in need and accompanies the entire procurement / sales process.

The Heads

Sebastian Warnemünde

Sebastian Warnemünde

“The grain of sand in the oyster ... a tiny irritation can have phenomenal consequences.” This is how Sebastian Warnemünde feels about the ideal political work. It is important to understand and analyze first and then develop communication. At the end, a decision maker is to be convinced to do something – to sign a contract, or to agree on a position. In short, people must be convinced and a majority has to be achieved. Sebastian Warnemünde is an expert in political communication. He studied political science in Mainz and Berlin and wrote his thesis in New York.

During his studies, he learned tabloid journalism at Sat.1 and worked for a political programme at ZDF. Since then, he knows what transforms information into news and what a message is. How does the story need to be told to make someone listen? Does it irritate the listener and trigger an action? Does it motivate him to do something?

After graduating in 2000, Sebastian Warnemünde worked for the financial information provider Bloomberg in Frankfurt and London and produced daily live broadcasts. After switching over to the business side, he pursued sales and lobbying on behalf of consulting firms. Politics was both a door opener and a multiplier. Warnemünde founded friedrich30 in 2007.

In his spare time, he goes hunting in and around Mainz. Sebastian Warnemünde is committed to the reconciliation of interests and the balance between man and nature in the heavily stressed Rhine-Main metropolitan area.

Fritz Rudolf Körper

Fritz Rudolf Körper

“When in doubt, attack” describes his attitude to tackling challenges. Don’t react, act. Always try to stay on top of the game. He focuses on contacts, achieving majorities, balancing interests, motivating and gaining supporters, interpretational jurisdiction and information advantages.

After studying theology (“We church people really understand money”), he was a member of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Parliament for 11 years and a member of the Budget and Internal Affairs Committee. In local politics, Körper served as First Alderman (voluntary office) as a representative of the Mayor in his home municipality Meisenheim. In 1990, he became a Member of the German Parliament and was the domestic affairs spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group from 1994 to 1998. Following the German parliamentary election in 1998, Körper was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister of the Interior (Otto Schily) within the Federal Government led by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

After the end of the Schröder government, Körper also left the Federal Government. From 2005 - 2009, he served as Deputy Chairman of the SPD parliamentary group and was responsible for the areas Interior, Justice, Culture, Media and Sports among other topics. In 2009, he became a member of the Defence Committee and the Parliamentary Control Committee, among other positions. Körper left the German Parliament in 2013 and joined the company. In 2014, he was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Innovation Center on Public Security at Fraunhofer Fokus in Berlin.

In his spare time, he takes care of his leased country pub “Zum Radler” in his home village Rehborn on the trolley route along the Glan. The networker Fritz Rudolf Körper brings people together here, too.

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